Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Shut the front door

I am a firm believer on saying what you need to say. I always feel that its better to share you mind than it is to let feelings fester to the point of not really knowing what you feel anymore. But in those times when your speaking your two cents, talking and sharing your feelings, do you sometimes say too much?

Is there times when we really should shut the f up?

We've all been there before. You've said your mind. But you just keep going.

"What I meant to say was..."

Shovel. Dig. Toss the dirt to the side.

"No, you took what I said the wrong way."

Man this hole is getting deep.

"What I'm just saying is..."

Hello? Hello? Can anybody hear me from down here?

I am very guilty of just continuing to ramble long after the point that I wanted to make was made. That's when things start getting confusing. So in my always going mind of self reflection, I am vowing to just say what I feel I need to say, and then shutting the f up. In a clear effort to only say what I need to say.

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ladybost said...

i love your blogs