Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Birthday wishes

So of course you all know that yesterday was my big guys birthday. He had a blast, he got his Nintendo DS that he's been asking for forever, and he got to run wild at Chuck E Cheeses.

But of course as it always does, his birthday has brought up the inevitable question. What does he want for his birthday?  He's 4, he wants toys and things that make loud noises that will drive his mother up the wall.

So now that his birthday has come and gone...means that my big day is just around the corner. And now I am faced with the question...what do you want for your birthday little girl? (Okay well maybe not the little girl part because to be honest that sounds a little creepy, but seriously don't you always kinda hear the little girl part in your head when someone asks you this questions?)

Hmm...really you want me to tell you what I want for my birthday???

~World peace. Okay totally not achievable but wouldn't it be nice?

~A job. Really yet again something totally up to me and my future employer.

~A solution to the water crisis in Africa.

~For my 2 year old to stop saying he hates everything. OH and for him to stop pooping in his pants too.

~For my 4 year old (yes my 4 year old now!) to stop growing, What a magical age he's at right now, I would love to keep him here forever.

~A real diamond tiara. Cause really what girl DOESN'T need one of these.

~For an end to the oil spill in the gulf. Really like a permanent end.

~For homelessness to be abolished.

~A new cell phone. Berry has been acting up too much that I can't put my faith in him anymore. And really I am ready to move on to bigger and better things.

~A pony. Because a little part of all of our girlhoods never die. And for once I would like to see this wish fulfilled.

~Nursing school paid for by someone else other than me. Loans are great, but they DO have to be paid back eventually.

~A good steak and a nice glass of red wine. A Shiraz. Yum.

~A better economy.

Well you asked so I answered. I don't ask for much...lol

Really for birthday celebrations, I just want good company, perhaps a fun place to dance, and maybe even a laugh or two.

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