Thursday, July 15, 2010

Can a girl get a break?

I am so run down right now, I think I may either have strep throat or I have forgotten how to swallow.

Seriously my tonsils are so swollen you would think I had ping pong balls in the back of my throat if you happened to look. Perhaps I should go to a doctor.

Leave it to my sweet, beautiful, loving children to run a MUCK today. Really bouncing off the walls. I swear they got into my red bull collection in the fridge while I was trying to catch a few more minutes of sleep on the couch. Already in the hour and a half that we've all been up, I have cleaned up dog puke, cleaned out red jello out of the carpet, broken up 5 fights, and punished Eds for slapping his brother. I am EXHAUSTED. I am tired and sore, and it hurts to even open my mouth.

Really can a girl get a break?

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