Friday, July 23, 2010

A blank mind

My mind is blank today.

Really I can't think today.

I sat down to write today to try and motivate myself to get up and do something. And I can't think of ANYTHING.

I was going to write about sex. Something about if sex is still satisfying even if you don't "get there". But then I felt too dirty with what direction it was taking.

I then started to write about how I was a simple girl. But lets be honest, I am a complicated mess. I over analyze, under trust, and at times I am TOO honest.

So nothing. I am nothing. To be completely honest, I am in SUCH a bad mood. I am faced with another long boring weekend of nothing much to do and its making me cranky. Just having one of THOSE days. So I am going to disappear for the weekend, Shut myself in and sulk. Maybe Monday will be much better for me...Here's hoping.

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