Friday, July 2, 2010

That movie with the Vampires...

So this total cutie called me up yesterday and asked me if I wanted to go see this little movie that not many people have heard about. He said it was something about vampires and a twisted love story...intrigued I went along.

Yeah I went and saw Eclipse last night. AMAZING!! Team Edward all the way...

Yeah I would so freeze to death in a tent up in the mountains of Washington just to be with him. That crooked smile, I can't resist it.

Yes, I know that he's a fictional character. Yes I know that someone wrote the words he speaks to Bella. But in my blissful state of happiness at the moment, I can't but think to myself how romantic the whole notion of the love affair between Bella and Edward really is. I mean this girl is willing to literally give her life for him, to be with him FOREVER. Like really forever because they are vampires, the are immortal. Just in case you don't really follow this stuff. And Edward is willing to fight to the ends and even join with his enemy to protect her. Its a very sweet notion that love could run that deeply.

So go see it. Its got action, its got romance, its got Jacob with his shirt off a lot. haha. Good movie.

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