Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Help! I've fallen and I can't get up!

I have fallen off the face of the earth. Well not literally, we all know that can't happen. But no I have not been around lately. Things have been crazy busy around here, although most days I feel like I haven't done a thing. So I thought I could use this post to update you all a little bit.

The boys are growing like crazy! My proudest moment thus far happened to me the other day. Eddie is really starting to get a grasp of his numbers. We were meeting my mom, her friend, and her friends 2 kids. 4 people all together, at a store. We found my mom with one of the kids and Eddie got all excited. After giving hugs and kisses, Ed says "We found 2 of them, now we need to find 2 more!". I was SO proud of him!!! My goodness how great his little mind works. Lucas is in his stage where he questions EVERYTHING. And he is a curious little guy. We are having a blast so far this summer with slip and slides, swimming, trips to the zoo, and cook outs. I still have a few things in store before summers over which I can't wait to share with them.

4th of July festivities where well on their way this past weekend. We decided to split the boys up so Eddie went with his dad and I took Lucas with me to my friends party. She has an annual 4th of July celebration at her father-in-laws beautiful historic home. The day was filled with swimming, hanging out with friends, and fireworks. It was really fun to spend the whole day with Lucas. He is such a little social butterfly and he was not shy at all to walk up to someone and start a conversation. He stayed up late, loved the fireworks, and was out like a light for the rest of the night. We had a good time.

Things in the new relationship are going great! Nothing really new to report or anything I actually wanna share with anyone at the moment. lol But I am really enjoying myself and feeling very thankful that I met him. I am a happy girl. That's all anyone needs to know right now.

So that's about it I think. I have a phone interview today with Children's Place. I don't mind retail but I am just disappointed that I can't get a job in something that I spent a lot of money and time going to school for. But any job to pay the bills would be nice at this point. This may just be the sign that I should just get into nursing school and go all the way. We shall see. So tomorrow, I promise to return to full form and write about the things you really wanna hear about.

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