Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Screwed perception

Get mad. Get glad. Get even?

I'm sure we've all heard this saying before. But just how well does it apply?

Ok. I'm not a fighter. I hate confrontation. I avoid it at all costs. But sometimes its inevitable. You can't avoid it and for your own sanity's sake words need to be said. But is there a right way to fight? You know, doing the "adult" thing and talking it out?

I don't fight dirty. Yes granted I may lose my temper from time to time and a door may get slammed or a small item like a child's toy may be tossed. But I always try to keep my emotions in check, and watch my mouth, because words hurt. You can never unhear something that's been said. Yes you can always apologize until your blue in the face, until the cows come home, or until pigs are flying out of your butt (and really I would like to see that happen, it may make me forget what got me mad in the first place!). But, at least for a girl, you will never be able to forget what was said.

What happened to us being adults? Whats with the name calling and ridiculous accusations being made? Do we now live in a world where being angry with each other and never reaching an actual solution is whats considered the norm? Is it really now ok to call each other names and say things just to hurt each other?

Call me silly, but I was under the impression that you had confrontations to find an actual solution. You know we don't see eye to eye so lets see what we need to change to solve that.

So its time to take off the gloves. And lets make love not war. Yes, I am that cheesy.

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