Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Future plans

We all make them. We all think about the things we want to do. I have a ton of things that I always want to do but thanks to everyday life, it is sometimes hard to achieve them. So in thinking about all the things I want to do with my life, and simply because I leave for vacation tomorrow and can't find the mind energy to think up something deep and insightful, I am making yet another list for y'all to enjoy. Todays topic: What Courtney wants to do with her life (prepare yourself, this may be a long one!).

~Do an actual rock climb. I have done indoor rock climbing and by putting myself back into my childhood monkey frame of mind, found it pretty fun. I would like to someday take my skills outdoor and climb an actual rock. Maybe even rock it hard enough to climb like El Capitan. Maybe.

~I know a lot of people say it, but I want to skydive. Tandemly of course, but at least once I want to feel the rush of a near death experience. And I say tandemly because it would literally take my instructor to push me out of the plane with them for me to do it.

~More tattoos. I only have one and it is so tiny now that it literally looks like a huge mole on my back. I want to get that covered up, I want to find a really meaningful saying or quote to put on my wrist, and a few others that I wont bore you with. I am really so bad ass, that I need the tats to prove it.

~Become an RN. Then specialize in surgery. The human body fascinates me beyond belief. I would love to have the oppurtunity to be in the room and actually see inside one everyday.

~Travel. I love to travel. Even just the journey of boarding the plane is fun to me. I like to get away, see new places, visit all the friends that I have scattered around the US, and someday when the bank account allows me to I would love to go somewhere overseas. Italy, France, Ireland. I'm not too picky.

~Drive a sportscar. Really fast. Really really really fast.

~Be an awesome mom. This goes without saying but I knew if I didn't put this on here many would get the wrong idea about me. I want to find that perfect balance of being a parent and being a friend. I want my boys to have an open and honest relationship with me, but still fear me enough to where they actually listen. And when I do figure that out, I will write a book about it. I will make millions. haha

~Learn to not be so afraid. I am kinda fearless, not a much as others. But I want to learn to not be so afraid to get my heart broken, love someone with my full heart, not be scared of little garter snakes, afraid that someone will think bad of me or not like me. I don't want to be so afraid of hurting someones feelings that I put my own happiness behind me. And I don't want to be so afraid of failing that I am scared to even try.

~Laugh, laugh, laugh. As Ghandi once said "If I had no sense of humor, I would long ago have committed suicide.". Very true.

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