Friday, April 9, 2010

The little things

My mind is elsewhere today. You know how you go into vacation mode days before you actually leave? haha. So today I thought I would make a little list. We are always claiming how we are (or should be) thankful for all the little things in life. Well here are a few of the little things I am thankful for.

~Solid poop. The plague has finally (knock on wood) lifted from our house and although I myself managed to escape THAT funness of the sickness we all had, the boys did not. And just who gets to clean that crap up? Yeah, not fun.

~Although it wasn't fun by any means (nor an ideal or safe kinda diet), I am thankful that severe vomitting for a few days has knocked me down a jeans size and I have an actual reason to go shopping this weekend. Seriously, things are falling off of me.

~Warm weather. Flowers blooming. It not getting dark at 5 o'clock in the evening. And the boys being able to run around outside till their too exhausted to even make it through bath time.

~Thursday night 20 cent boneless wings at Buffalo Wild Wings (so rightfully dubbed Bdubs by me). Finally getting to eat an actual meal and it be honey bbq boneless wings and some potatoe wedges? Priceless.

~Bubbles. Give the boys some bubbles to blow and they are entertained for awhile. The huge smiles and endless giggles that follow? An added bonus.

~Clearance items at discount stores. Cute little clutch at TJ Maxx already below retail price. Marked down for clearance, even better. And now its mine!

~Coffee, Red Bull, and any other means of temporary energy that I have tried in the past. Its nice to know that the option is even available for me and I am not damned to an eternal state of sleepiness.

~Handbags. Now we could argue about the amount of money spent on handbags through my lifetime and how that makes it nothing little by anymeans. But the happiness that my pink leather Coach bag (bought at a VERY low price I might add) brings to me speaks volumes.

~I would love to add friends and family to the list, but they are not little by any means so they can't make this list.

There are a ton of other little things I am thankful for like girls scout cookies and spanx underwear, but I am sure you have to be getting back to work or on with your day by now. Have a great weekend!

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