Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Harry and Sally-its not possible

The eternal question. Can men and women really just be friends. Of course so in this day and age. Women have gay boyfriends and husbands (if you don't know just ask), but is it really possible to carry out one of those "friends with benefits" relationships?

Okay, all personal opinion here but in my mind it makes total sense so I am gonna go with it. I hate to break it to you, its not possible. Its not the sex that complicates it, its the feelings that one of the parties develops eventually. Feelings of like or love, or feelings of utter disgust-feelings get involved. Thats why it never works. Sometimes its the guy, most often its the girl. But ineveitabley feelings get thrown into the mix there somewhere and all hell breaks lose.

And isn't the ultimate relationship with someone that you can be friends with, but maintain that sexual connection with? SO reguardless of what you wanna label it, your little trist with your "friend" is in fact a relationship. I am sorry I am the one to break it to you, but it is.

So why all the drama? Isn't having a friend who's um...company you can enjoy kinda like having your cake and eating it too? So why the laid back, casual label to the relationship? Why can't we just order that cake and enjoy it? And in case anyone forgots by the the end of the movie, Harry ends up together with Sally. Who knows what happened after the credits rolled.


Emily Piatt said...

I think you need your bestie today

ladybost said...

yes, but with a lot of work. ihave two men in my life that i feel nothing but friendship for but i will admit that one i dated but was his friend for at least nine months before hand and while we where dating we realized friendship was much better and another whom I NEVER crossed the line with but i would be lying if i didnt look at him differently once or twice but not enough to change what we had. I will say this the closer we became friends the more i loved him but didnt want to be any thing more.

ladybost said...

wait i think my own answer supported your point but i think what i was trying to say was that i believe you can be friends without benefits if that is what you really want