Friday, April 30, 2010

The imporatance of girls night

Going out for dinner and drinks. Getting together for a movie. Getting dolled up to hit a dance floor together. Girls night. We all have them every once in awhile. Well not all of us, since all of us aren't girls. But all of us guys know what I'm saying.

We woman are always in competition with each other. We have to compete for jobs, we have to compete for men. Its sad that in the year of 2010, we are still earning less than men, being passed over for jobs by men, and still being treated inferior to men. So us woman are forced to compete with each other. Still. Its hard to maintain relationship when we turn out to be each others arch enemies.

So these silly girls night out are very important because it not only gives us a chance to get together and talk about just how silly guys are or discuss the latest Hollywood gossip, but it gives us a chance to bring the gap together between us. Unite. It helps us realize that we will never get to where we want to be unless we support each other.

So tonight when I am making my way out to dinner and drinks with some of my girlfriends, I am doing so not just to get out of the house and away from the boys for a few hours, but to try and bring some peace into this world.

BTW-I hope all that are reading this can hear the heavy sarcasm that this post is drenched in. Yes its important for us girls to get together. But mainly so we can just talk about you boys in a safe place where you can't hear us! lol.

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