Thursday, April 1, 2010

Think think think

I have nothing to write about today. Really. My mind is blank. I am done with thinking. I think all the time and I am literally exhuasted.

I think all the time about my kids. That will never go away. I worry about the food they eat, the shows they watch, the toys the play with, if they love me or not, education...everything. That in itself is a lot to think of day to day and I think all moms can understand me.

I think about the relationships I have with friends and family. Have I done all I can do to show them I love them? What more can I do to help out someone in need? I know they tolerate me, but do they really love me?

I worry and think about finding a job. What more can I do to convince someone to hire me? What if I never get a job? There is a lot riding on me with just money issues alone.

Then theres the things that I think about that I have no control over. World hunger. Homeless people. The state of the economy.

I am done with thinking for today. My brain literally hurts, but I think thats just a headache. I have been thinking so much lately that I lose my appetite. I really need to stop. So the only thing I am thinking of today is my babies cause like I said, that will never stop no matter how hard I try. Everything else is just gonna have to wait today. Seriously for my sanity.


Emily Piatt said...

Of course I love you silly! You are my bestie!

Heather@WHMB said...

Once those boys go to bed to take a hot bath, grab some wine and dive into a good book. Sounds like your mind could use a break girlie! :)

Quiana said...

i love you and how 'free' you are. you are truly one of a kind