Monday, April 26, 2010

Must write new post

Okay I was going to post more pics from my Washington trip, but figured that y'all were sick of hearing about it from me. So now I must get back into actually writing. What to write about hhmmm...

So I have discovered how much I actually enjoy writing my blog everyday. With me being knee deep in resumes and trying to find any job at the moment that is gonna help me pay the bills, I find that it motivated me to put my mind elsewhere and be creative.

Today, my thoughts are on shopping. Thanks to my new rocking hot bod (alright I know I am stretching the truth a little here...) I am in need of some new clothes. And of course with new clothes comes the need for new shoes and accessories. 

And it just so happens that today is a rainy day. Perfect day to stay inside. And shop.

So as you go one about your day, curse your monday and look forward to the weekend already...please say a little prayer for my bank account. lol

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