Friday, April 23, 2010

Sharing some pics

I have nothing to write about today. Really, I couldn't even think of a list to make up! So I thought I would share some pics from my trip. I won't bore you too much, these are just some of my favorites!
Outside the space needle. It was nice and sunny when we went in to get to the top. When we got out on the observation deck, it was grey and misting. Gotta love Washington weather!

Me and my sister on top of the space needle. Well not on top, they don't let you go that high. Trust me I asked!

Outside of the Music/Science Museum. Yeah we had some fun with the pink reflective wall.

I finally found the courage to get the tattoo on my wrist that I have always wanted. Yeah I wasn't scared at all.

The great thing about all the rain is that when it clears up just a little bit, rainbows pop up everywhere.

I hate when when you go on vacation and you get crabs.

Apparently I make one hot ass bleach blond babe. LOL

Alright. I had more pics that I wanted to share than I thought. I will post more on Monday, gotta keep you guessing all weekend long! Have a great weekend!

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