Monday, April 12, 2010

Human contact

Isn't it funny some of the things you miss sometimes? Going through a divorce, you tend to think your going to miss the big ticket items when you try to glance into the future. Things like double incomes, growing old together, you know the big things. Although I can't say that I am not going to miss that, its the really little things I am missing right now.

I have been trying to focus a lot lately on the little things. You know all the little things that fill your life and make you complete. But because its human nature, I can't help but notice that there is one HUGE little thing missing.

Human contact.

I miss the hugs. That little rub on your back. Kisses goodbye. Kisses hello. That lingering moment when you hug. Stolen moments, public displays of affection. And even though I am a known non-cuddiler, I miss even having the oppurtunity to cuddle.

I have gotten used to the idea of being alone. I actually embrace it because its in those moments when I can paint my toenails, watch whatever I want to, and do the other crazy things that you would never do in the presence of company. But its those few moments when your laying in bed watching some stupid girl movie that you wish you could roll over and give someone a smooch and embrace tightly. And then thats when it hits you that you are physically alone.

You can work hard to make the money and buy the things that you really want. But as the Beatles so wisely can't buy me love. I know that in time things will come to me. I know that I have to be patient and good things will come my way. I have faith that someday I will have it all back. It will all happen, in time.


Starla said...

Love you and I will always be here to snuggle with

Just Diane said...

Love ya, Courtney.