Thursday, April 22, 2010

What I have learned

Nothing. Haha. Just kidding. Ok so as it so often happens, you tend to go through some sort of self discovery on any trip you take. Even if that wasn’t your intentions of the trip, you get the time to think about yourself and the way you have handled and should handle things in your life. So guess what…I have compiled yet another list of things that I learned or experienced while in Washington. Ready? Here we go.

~A day with any amount of sunshine in Washington is a good day.

~Be prepared for a little bit of rain. It’s gonna come and usually when you don’t expect it.

~A nice little fleece can take you a long way.

~Perhaps I am bitter. Perhaps I don’t like the idea of traditional “love” right now. But I know that just like any other phase that I may go through in life, this too shall pass.
~Sometimes love finds you where you least expect it to. This love found me at Tumwater Falls in Washington.

~That fishy smell? Just means that spring is in the air!
~Crabs really aren’t as mean as they are made out to be. All the ones I ran into were really nice.

~Give yourself some credit Give yourself a lot of credit. You may be terrified of something, but you will be surprised that its not so bad and you handled it a lot better than you thought you would.

~I am SO badass now with my new tattoo. Like I said, you can surprise yourself with just how strong you are cause let me tell you, getting a lot of tiny little needles poked into my wrist bone was no walk in the park. But I didn’t shed a tear and I look like a rock star now.

~There are cute boys EVERYWHERE. Cute boys in uniform, making your coffee, behind the bar. And the funny thing is you don’t even have to look for them. They happen to find you. So stop searching cause you may miss out on all the beautiful scenery. What’s the saying? It’s the journey not the destination? Lol

~The I-5 will get you anywhere.
~Don’t be afraid to be so goofy. You may be cheering up someone’s day, bringing a little humor to a long work week, or just making yourself happy. Plus you get a great ab workout with all the laughter. It’s a win-win situation (THIS is the situation!-sorry had to insert a little Jersey Shore humor there!).

~He’s Just Not That Into You. And The Ugly Truth is that the old adage that nice guys finish last is SO true. Cause Gerald Butler won. OH and try not to relate your life to movies. You have no one writing a script for you so things aren't going to be tied up in a pretty little bow at the end.

~Above all, I’m an amazing person. I'm beautiful, smart, funny, honest, I watch Sportscenter voluntarily, I know how to shake my ass on the dance floor, I can hang with the girls and hold my own with the boys, I like to be clean but I can get dirty, I'm an amazing mom, wonderful sister, and loyal friend. If someone can't see that about me, then they don't deserve my time.

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