Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Lets talk about sex baby

Okay, it may be just the state of mind that I am in lately (oh and thank you birth control pills for the daily reminder of how much sex I am NOT having) but sex is everywhere. Seriously its everywhere. Billboards, magazines, commercials, movies, our email.

Okay so its no secret, I'm pretty sure all 14 of you (YES! I have 14 followers now! lol) know that I am pushing the ripe ol age of 28. No I do not think I am old-just to clarify my scary age is 37. But I am finding myself put it mildely. I am hitting that magically time in every womans life when the hormones turn against her and change her mind about things drastically. Yes I say turn against you because for most of us, we get to a time in our life when we actually WANT sex like 24/7 yet time has worked against us, making everything all that much harder for us. Whats the saying-nothing worth while comes easy or something? YEAH true that.

Why couldn't I have felt this way when I was younger and had a hot body that I didn't even have to work for? Why did I have to wait until now when I am almost 30 and less desireable? Mother nature is a cruel cruel woman. I don't even wanna call her a mother, there is no way one mother would do this to another.

Sorry for the random sex talk. We can tell that I have had sometime to think about it-obviously. You always want what you can't have right? Stupid sex. Really. Must find something better to do with my free time.


HeatherScent said...

"Less desirable"? Are you kidding me???

Girl, sexiness is a state of mind, it's not a dress size. Research has shown that that really is no significant change in a woman's hormones when she hits her 30s. The reason we feel more sexy is because we have something we didn't have when we were 22 & size 4s - confidence!

I can tell just by reading your posts that you are WAY more confident now than you were when I met you over 4 years ago.

Now go out and find a 21-year-old boy to have some fun with!

Courtney said...

Yes girl I agree with you, I have the confidence, but men are still VERY visual at this age, thats all I meant by "less desirable".

ladybost said...

i agree with heather sexiness is a not dress size but in your head but getting your mind to accept that is the hard part.

by the way my scary age is 40

Carrie Burr said...

Girl, first off you are beautiful and sexy so stop worrying bout that. Second, I am pretty sure we don't hit our sexual peak until 40 so you better get yourself a "toy" or two and wait this out.

Courtney said...

OH Just to clarify, I am not one to just give up the goodies. And I definatley don't give them up for free. Lol!

Just Diane said...

Pppssshhh. Talk to the hand, Courtney cause my nearly 39 year old ass isn't listening. Lol.