Monday, May 10, 2010

Butterflies and flowers

My mothers day was great. It all started at 8am, which meant that I slept in, with Eddie waking me up to tell me they had made me breakfast. How does a 4 year old make breakfast you ask yourself? With the help of his father. Thankful there was some scrambled eggs and bacon instead of a cold pop tart that most likely was licked before it was given to me. Eddie came in my room and said in a quite whisper to wake me nicely "Momma, we have breakfast ready for you." So I said OK. He came back in 2 seconds later and said "Momma, we have presents for you too. We have blue flowers and some cards.". Cute.

After breakfast, we went to the Krohns Conservatory to see the butterfly exhibit they have. It was really cool, I have never been.

I had one of the best Mothers Day yesterday. Just me and the boys and my mom. It was really fun to see the boys get so excited every time a butterfly flew by. It was a good day.

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