Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Oh Poop!

We had a very interesting trip to the zoo this weekend. The boys love to go see the "aminals" as they call them. Its super cute actually cause they really get into it. They ask to see certain animals and they are the kids that can sit there and watch one animal for awhile. But there was one topic of concern for both of them this past weekend.

"Where do the aminals poop?"

Eddie was really concerned with this. Every animal we saw, same question. He was really concerned when he found out that because they were wild animals that they didn't have a need for a bathroom or a backyard like our dogs. But it really hit home once we saw the elephants.

Thanks to a strict diet of grass, hay, and who knows what else kind of fiber, the elephants showed my naive 3 year old just what I was trying to explain to him. And what was his first reaction? "Zookeeper you need to clean the poop up!".

After the onset of embarrassment was over, I felt a little pride in the way Eddie handled himself. For one, he knew that he was simply not big enough to handle that um...load on his own and called for help. And he realized that sometimes there is going be poop in your life and the best way to deal is to just clean it up and move on. He is such a smart little guy, and I am so proud of him. Even if his biggest concern right now is poop.

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