Monday, May 24, 2010

Greener pastures

So a little discussion over the weekend has gotten me thinking today. Is the grass always greener on the other side? Or are we simply responsible for watering our own?

In a single gals life, you have to sift through a lot of the forest to find that one tree (pardon all the puns, I'm on a nature kick for some reason). Its very time consuming, and at some times discouraging. It can, at some points, get a girl down.

But it was pointed out to me that I seem to be enjoying the whole process. It may be beginners luck being that I have only been at this dating thing for about a month. It could be that I just like meeting new people. Or it simply could be that I happen to think my lawn is very well manicured and inviting so I am just finding someone to appreciate it (and please get your mind out of the gutters people, I am just going along with the greener grass analogy.).

Yes other people's lawn are greener than mine. Some even have very pretty flowers and some snazzy lawn decorations. But I have put a lot of care into my yard. And a lot of the work I have done on my own. I have watered the grass when it was almost dead and brought it back to life. I've had to mow it on my own when the grass has gotten too high. I've had to pick up broken branches and all kinds of debris when the winds have been too strong. I've even planted some flowers to make it smell and look pretty. I happen to like the way my lawn looks now. So those who can't appreciate what I have done with it, they can keep walking on to the next yard. No matter what, my grass will always be a nice shade of green because I am content with doing the work on my own. I happen to think its a great place to be, and I will always find contentment in my own garden.


ladybost said...

girl i must agree with stephanie this is good and so on point. u know i like my lawn too, its the skinniest lawn or least emotional, meaning i need a lot attention but damn its a damn good lawn never the less and i am a firm believer if u treat ur lawn right it will treat u right LOL

Just Diane said...

I'm sorry. I had a really hard time getting my mind out of the gutter. I think you need to get some of that rex you were talking about and quit telling me about your lawn. haha. My lawn is... never mind. You don't want to know.

Courtney said...

Diane you crack me up girl! lol