Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I'm already employed

Still job searching. I must put in about 15 resumes a day. I am even looking at non traditional ways of making some money like online survey taking and perhaps trying my hand at some crafts (yeah lets see how well THAT pans out for me!). Its becoming a full time NON paying job in itself to try and find a full time decent paying job. But I already have a full time job. I'm a stay at home mom as of right now. Here is a list of occupations I am well trained for thanks to my almost 4 years of experience.

*Dry Cleaner
*Personal Assistant
*Taxi Driver
*Events Coordinator/Even Planner

I'm sure the list could go even longer if I wanted to spend A LOT of time thinking about it.

Being "Mommy" has been the best job I have ever had. Its tough, its challenging. I often end the day wanting to pull my hair out and too exhausted to even sleep. But when you get one of these moments, its well worth it!
I have no idea why there were hugging in the bathroom. We were getting ready for bath, and I was getting something. I walked in to hear Lucas tell Eddie that he was sorry and they hugged. It was very sweet.

These two guys are my everything. When I have those days that I don't want to get up, when I want to throw in the towel, or when I just want to sit down and I cry...these guys get me through. So I guess I am saying, I love my job.

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