Thursday, May 20, 2010

I'm the girl you want

LOL. OK the thought came across me yesterday just how similar interview for a job and going on a first date are. Since I am going through both at the same time...

So I will be sitting there, talking about all my strengths and how I work on my weaknesses. Then I have to stop myself. I on a job interview or a date? lol

Its so funny how we have to sell ourselves these days. We have to try our hardest to prove to another party just how great we are. Whether we are looking for employment or looking for love. I would not be surprised if a date would ask for a resume.

So in an effort to impress a potential boss or boyfriend I have compiled yet another list of my strengths and why I would be the girl for you.

*I am very much a people person. Although I can work on my own, I prefer to be in the company of others to make my work day a little more bearable.

*One of my weaknesses is I am terrible at remembering dates and times. But I do have a system in place of writing down times and dates on a calendar that I keep at my desk and then following through with putting it in my blackberry with a set reminder.

*I am really laid back, so I don't get frazzled in moments of chaos. I simply set goals in order of importance and follow through.

*I rule with a velvet gloved iron fist. I believe that you can manage a team of people successfully while maintaining a positive attitude.

*I love to hang out with friends, family, catch a sporting event, drink a beer. (ya this one is aimed more to a potential mate than employer)

Okay my minds gone. That's all I got today.

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ladybost said...

i love it, first of all your boys are beyone adorable and omg you are so right about interview and first day. its like when you are on the first date and interview you are trying to get the person to like you. sometimes i think we almost forget that are suppose recognize if we are suppose to like them. Is this person for me, is this job for me but our thought are DO YOU LIKE, REALLY DO YOU LIKE, LET ME SHOW THAT YOU CAN LIKE ME.