Thursday, May 6, 2010

Old School

So I have been really thinking lately about going back to school. Yes at almost 28 years of age, I am thinking of becoming a college student. Again. 3rd times the charm. I have finally decided that I want to be a nurse. A surgical nurse. So not only do I have to get my BSN, I also have to specialize in surgery. So not just some school, LOTS of it.

You know when I was growing up (and still to this day!) people have always told me that someday I will be happy with the fact that I look younger than what I am. Well that someday is now. I am SO thankful for my youthful look because now I won't feel like an old maid while sitting in class with a bunch of youngins.

So now the process begins of looking at schools. There are so many out there that offer nursing programs that the choice is pretty much up to me. I am nervous, scared, excited...a bunch of emotions all rolled into one. Its gonna be hard, but I am sure well worth it for me and my boys in the end.


Just Diane said...

Awesome! I went to nursing (lpn) school at 32. I wasn't the oldest one in my class either!

Good for you on going back to school! It will be well worth it.

ladybost said...

i am a true believer that there is no age limit to gaining more education and on the not of looking younger think u are one pretty young lady

i remember people telling me one day i will grow into my looks because i am have always looked older than what ia m but u know, righ now i feel like i am growing in to my looking and i am able to look in the mirror and not be grossed out. now hopefully this feeling will holder longer than the next fifteen minutes :)