Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Info overload!

I stole this from a blogger momma that I follow, Mom to Bee, simply because I love to talk about the most fabulous girl in the world...ME!! Just kidding.

I am…feeling very good with where my life is going right now.

I think…about the strangest things sometimes. Even I stop and say "where the hell did that come from?".

I should…learn to slow down sometimes.

I dream…the weirdest things. My dreams are never consistent.

I want…to just be happy, while bringing happiness to everyone else around me.

I know…that I am an amazing woman.

I don’t like…mean, dishonest, rude, miserable people.

I smell…like nothing, I never remember to wear perfume.

I hear…screaming and whining WAY too much. And not just from my kids.

I fear…choking on my shower water, literally dying alone and being dead for days before someone finds me, and my boys turning into teenagers.

I usually…waste my time daydreaming.

In search…for a job. A full time job that's gonna help momma cover the bills.

I miss…my sister, and my friend Selena, and my friend Starla and my cousin Floyd.I miss too many people.

I always…say a curse word in every conversation. Shit. See there I go.

I regret…not going to school sooner.

I wonder...if my boys will love me as much later on in life as they do right now.

I crave…honestly? I don't think I could even write it...lets just say it rhymes with um rex. lol

I remember…life after I had my kids. I struggle with remembering what happened before.

I need...to get an f-ing job.

I forget...to eat sometimes. Good thing your body does the whole little fainting thing...

I feel…like my life is starting to go the direction I want it to.

I can…put my whole fist in my mouth, and still be able to talk. hahaha

I can’t…handle bullshit anymore. From anyone. Yeah grocery bagger boy, I SAID I didn't want my milk in a bag. lol

I am happy…with the people I choose to surround myself with. They may be a small group, but they are FABULOUS!

I lose…my sanity on a daily basis. Really I do.

I sing…all the time. Nothing in particular just what comes to mind.

I listen…to two kids all the time. I appreciate adult time.

I shop…very wisely. Never do I pay full price unless absolutely necessary.

I eat...too many cupcakes. Really I am thinking I need to see someone about my dependency.

I love…my boys, more than anything. They are my life.

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Just Diane said...

I'm going to have to steal this from you now!! I need a video of the fist in mouth thing you do. That has got to be hilarious!!!

Boys always love their mommas. I am going to post about a letter I got from my 16 year old a couple of weeks back. Made me cry my eyeballs out!!!