Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I love it when boys fight over me. "She's mine!". "NO She's MINE!". Boys there is plenty of me to go around!!! I'm starting to feel like the newest Bacherlorette!

Of course I am talking about MY boys, you know those two little guys I kinda gave life to.

Every morning we wake up (lately it has been to sunshine-thank you lord for another beautiful day!) and the boys get their cups of milk and ask for either a pop tart, a bowl of cereal, or a bowl of oatmeal. Hey what can I say they are simple just like me. In between bites of soggy cereal or sticky pop tart I can always rely on hugs, kisses and cuddles from my guys. But lately it has gotten really ugly.

If one is in my lap, or cuddled up beside me, the other one looses their mind! I have to admit, its kinda really cute. I mean who doesn't like others vying for your attention? I remember my mom used to get so annoyed when my sister and I fought over who got to sit next to her. But I kinda like to her my boys fight over me. Because I know that in their fragile little minds, they just want to be loved. And I get to save the day when I am able to show them that I can love them both at the same time. Its an awesome feeling to be a mom and know that your kids just want you to love them, and they are satisfied with just that. Perhaps its something to learn from them.

In the wise words of The Beatles-maybe all you do need is love.

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